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    Installation Services & Repairs in Leeds
  • We repair all Smart phones, Ipads, Blackberry, HTC etc

    We repair mouth piece and ear piece problems 
    We also do OS and iOS Upgrades 
    We also flash phones and reset phones settings to default. 
    We change broken phone screens 
    We change phone casing and other body parts 
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    Call Us:  0113 440 0889

    We repair all Smart phones, Ipads, Blackberry, HTC etc
  • Installing Home CCTV Systems is what we do best!

    • Full High Definition CCTV Systems
    • View footage on Phone/Tablet/PC
    • Crystal Clear Images during the day
    • 30m Night Vision even in pitch black
    • Choose how long you record for
    • Professionally Installed
    • 12 Month Warranty
    Installing Home CCTV Systems is what we do best!
Welcome to our store

NewSat Store – Your UK-wide TV Antenna & Aerial & Security Systems CCTV Installation Specialists.

We are leaders in the installation of high quality television antennas and related products to improve television viewing for your home or office in Leeds west Yorkshire.

With over 600,000 satisfied customers since 1991, NewSat Store has become UK leading dedicated television antenna installation company.

If you find the picture on your TV screen is breaking into pixels during a show, freezes occasionally or get interference in your sound quality, we can help. We can track down whatever is wrong and advise you on your options.

If you are moving to a new house - lucky you - we can ensure you get perfect TV reception right from the start. With professional help from NewSat Store, you can enjoy TV in your new house with a new antenna installation in no time.

Many people these days prefer their TV to be wall mounted. This is a great option for families with young children. It avoids the possibility of a young child climbing on furniture and tampering with the TV. Far worse than inconvenience is the potential danger. There have been a number of fatalities where a child playing near an unsecured TV was crushed by pulling it on themselves. Wall mounting the TV avoids these problems.

Have you just renovated part of your house and now need to relocate your TV points or add additional points? No problem. We can make the changes to your antenna wiring so you have TV access just where you want it.

We can also install that Home Theatre you have been dreaming about! Connection of the various modules with quality cable and a high quality antenna installation will help you get the most enjoyment from your live sport and other programmes. Vivid live sport on high-definition (HD) on a big TV is hard to beat as entertainment for most people! Trust NewSat Store for your home theatre installation.

At NewSat Store, we have built our name on excellent service, using quality products and growing our customer base with experienced local technicians. Our technicians receive world class training and are experienced in the latest technologies required for installing digital television and related services into your home or workplace.

We also provide a one year warranty and can even offer, in many cases, a next day service.

About CCTV NewSat Store

CCTV NewSat Store is a direct importer of Security Equipment including Alarm Systems CCTV Cameras, Surveillance Systems and much more. At New Sat Store we invest and test the latest Security Technology with the experience, skills and knowledge that our qualified team represents. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your security needs.

So . . . for assistance with your TV and home entertainment needs, call us now on 0113 440 0889