About CCTV NewSat Store

CCTV NewSat Store is a direct importer of Security Equipment including Alarm Systems CCTV Cameras, Surveillance Systems and much more. At New Sat Store we invest and test the latest Security Technology with the experience, skills and knowledge that our qualified team represents. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your security needs.

Domestic Security

 we design and implement  Security System Packages that will be specifically tailored for Household Security. Our free Household Security quote includes a total analysis of your Security needs with a quotation and presentation of the equipment needed to protect your home and family.

Business Security

Does your Business need to be protected from Theft, False Compensation claims, Insurance Liability concerns, Staff management issues just to name a few. NewSat CCTV will Secure your Business being Retail Shops, Food Outlets, Car Yards, Jewellery Shops, Bakeries to name a few as we will help develop the best solution for your business. Less Stress and more stability giving you peace of mind to protect your business premises today.

Commercial Security

At CCTV UK our experience in Large Security installations gives you the confidence needed to help protect Warehouses, Production Plants, Engineering firms Service Stations etc. NewSat CCTV has the relevant experience and qualifications to plan and navigate large Security Installations so why not give us a try today our expertise and back up service will guarantee a quality investment.