TV Wall Mounting Installation

Don't have a flat screen TV take up space on your floor!

Why have your flat screen TV take up space on your floor when you can have it wall mounted and out of the way!

You've just purchased a new flat screen TV, so why have your prime viewing investment sitting on a television unit when you can have it professionally mounted on the wall out of reach from the kiddies' grubby hands.

On the wall is also out of harm's way.

Even if you don't have small children that might be at risk (there have been fatalities when a large unit falls on a young child), a heavy plasma or LCD TV standing on a cabinet can easily cause problems for adults.

Accidents might not happen often but they do happen.

If an adult stumbles near the unit (whether partying or not!), an outstretched hand will not find support in a modern TV on a light stand.

Older people in particular often have balance problems and need a secure environment.

If you have a large modern TV, it will be heavy and having it bolted to the wall makes for a safer house.

It also improves the viewing experience. The height of the unit above floor level can be adjusted for the specific room and position of those watching rather than be determined by the cabinet height.

Let us wall mount your plasma or LCD TV and, in the process, make those ugly dangling cables disappear!

So don't delay. We have TV installation / wall mounting technicians in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and even the Gold Coast.